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Synthetic Ice Info

     We at Laurie’s Learn to Skate think our Synthetic Ice surface is the best surface on which to start your beginner skater. It takes away the need for any skate aids, or a parent’s hand. The child feels confident because they can do it themselves and in doing so, find it fun and relaxing. 
     Once the child feels they can accomplish the art of skating, they will exceed your expectations. We have seen the amazing results in our beginner skaters since we installed the surface at our Pickering location in January 2000. Our rink operates 7 days a week, allowing us to accommodate working parent’s busy schedules.  
     I have been running programs for children since 1984. I have never seen as great a change in the beginners as I have with this surface. Before we had the Synthetic Ice, we ran a Parent and Tot program on the real ice. Sometimes we would spend 5 of the 10 weeks just getting the children to stand alone, without assistance. On the Synthetic Ice, your child will learn how to go forward, backwards gliding and stopping. This is usually done within the first 3 lessons and all without a skate aid or parental assistance.
Incorporating practice on the real ice as much as possible will also aid in their progress.
 Our student / teacher ratio is 6 to 2. We feel this gives the child more time with the instructor. Your child will attend a ½ hour class once a week which consists of 20 minutes of lesson and 10 minutes of free skate at the end of each class.


visit www.vikingice.com  for information

Synthetic Ice has no major differences between it and real Ice. Some differences are:


PLEASE do not switch your skates when going from Synthetic Ice to the Real Ice.